Below is a message from Gary Braasch and photo gallery from the grand opening of the Nature Research Center and The Daily Planet at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, April 20-21, 2012, Raleigh NC:

I want to bring in this great example of informal science and climate education — the new Nature Research Center wing of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  Director Betsy Bennett and Center director Meg Lowman (of “Canopy Meg” tropical forest fame) have magnificently brought active science, art, photography, the skills of museum architects & designers, sounds, and even food and drink together into an immersive and engaging learning experience.  My portfolio of images from the opening of the Center last week is now up at The museum website is

Also my app  Painting With Time: Climate Change is now available for iPhones as well as the iPad.  We added a slight charge so we could do more with the app and give half the proceeds to Union of Concerned Scientists.  Link to the app on Apple Store is We are very interested in making this platform more useful to educators and welcome ideas and examples of how it is being used.