On Saturday November 4, 2006 the TREE Foundation participated in the Sarasota Reading Festival and premiered the Out On A Limb Rainforest Exhibit.
The booth featured the 1-100 scale diorama of life and research in a rainforest, a section of canopy walkway, tardigrades, bug candy, rainforest adventure books, and a TREE Foundation/Tardigrade bookmark.
We interacted with over 300 people at the festival and children and adults had great fun walking on the walkway and pretending they were on a rainforest expedition.
Students from New College (Kelsey, Bethany, and Bryson) explained the intrigue of eating bugs, forest adventure, and climbing trees. The Research Consultant (Colleen) had fun helping people discover tardigrades.  The creator and engineer of the diorama and walkway explained every inch and answered questions about it non stop.
The Sarasota Reading Festival was a success and the TREE Foundation was able to reach the Sarasota community (all ages) through books.