Louv was in Florida to talk at the Sarasota Reading Festival about his book, Last Child in the Woods (Algonquin Press). Richard also participated in a panel with the authors of Its a Jungle Up There (Meg Lowman, Eddie Burgess, and James Burgess) and renowned children’s author Lynne Cherry. The fivesome discussed linking kids to nature, and advocated for a new project for TREE Foundation: building a treehouse for kids in southwest Florida. Watch for this development!

You can read Richard Louv’s column describing his visit here.

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Richard_Louv3 Richard_Louv1 Richard_Louv2

Photo Descriptions:
1. Eddie and James Burgess and Richard Louv on the Myakka tower
2. Richard and Kathy Louv on walkway bridge
3. Meg Lowman and Richard Louv on the treetop bridge