Virtual Canopy Walkway

Canopy Walkway Map
Welcome to the world's largest tropical rainforest! The Amazon basin reaches into seven countries, but JASON X specifically studied the ecosystem in Peru. The map above represents the canopy walkway, designed to enable visitors and researchers to experience this previously unexplored area of the rainforest. Since you're probably not planning a trip to the Amazon anytime soon, EDS has produced an online tour of the walkway, complete with photos of the flora, descriptions of how the indigenous people use the plants, and dizzying views from 118 feet above the ground. The map above provides a birds-eye-view of the walkway and an index to help you get your bearings. You can start by clicking on any platform or tower, or at the very beginning (a very good place to start). You'll need Quicktime VR to view all of the tour. If you're ready, start exploring!



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