Mobile computers open doors to scientific discovery

Dr. Lowman’s latest Nature’s Secrets column in New PDAs (personal digital assistants or hand-held computers) are flooding the market with their myriad sound bytes, applications (apps), and jargon. As the proud owner of an iPhone, I must admit that its ever-changing, innovative uses (other than conventional

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Amazon Rainforest Workshop – Summer 2014

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Another exciting NC Museum Citizen Science Expedition to the Amazon is planned for July 11-20, 2014. Join group leader Canopy Meg as you venture to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. This expedition is designed for adventurous people, like you, who are eager to explore their world. Each workshop

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Natural History of Insect Pests Student Award Available


The purpose of the award: The award serves to promote the study of unexplored aspects of natural history of insect pests. Due to their success in the competition with humans, these insect groups are often condemned as harmful, while their remarkable qualities and peculiarities remain unnoticed. For

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“Saving the Forest Canopies of Ethiopia” in Summer 2013 Newsletter of The International Canopy Network

Dr. Meg Lowman writes about saving the forest canopies of Ethiopia in “What’s Up?” The Newsletter of the International Canopy Network; Volume 19, Number 3, Summer 2013. The International Canopy Network publishes its newsletter quarterly and features articles and content of interest to forest canopy researchers, educators,

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