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Pygmy Sloth T-Shirt Available – Proceeds Go to the TREE Foundation’s Sloth Fund

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When you buy this tee, you wear it’s story & provide USD $5 USD10 to a special cause…

UPDATE for June 2012: The TREE Foundation is June’s cause of the month for The Tree Shirt House. Therefore for each tee-shirt sale, they double the initial donation of USD5 to USD10 to support the conservation of the Pygmy three-toed sloth.

The Tree Shirt House’s proceedings will be donated to The TREE Foundation, which has developed a unique conservation fund for the Three Toed Pygmy Sloth of Isla Escudo. It is the first time any project of this kind is being conducted. The pygmy sloth is a rare, incredibly strange and charismatic creature that has developed qualities unique to his species making him at heart a true survivor. Wouldn’t you agree the least we can do is give him a hand? Buy it here.

UPDATE for June 2012: The Tree Shirt House team is delighted to announce that our children’s range ” Little Hero” is now available on our online store. The kids range completes our already existing adult collection.