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Calling All Sloth Lovers

three-toed-sloth_2The Pygmy three-toed sloth is on the list of one of the world’s most endangered animals TREE Foundation has supported the training of canopy students by Meg Lowman,
who in turn taught Bryson Voirin, who in turn has been a long-standing TREE research associate and devoted much of his research career to sloth ecology. At popular request, TREE Foundation has established a special fund to support canopy research on sloths, and this fund is launched with a special music DVD (see below) with all proceeds dedicated to sloth research and conservation.

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Martin Roberts (frontman of south UK unsigned indie dream-pop band PowderedCows) is an unsigned musician from Christchurch UK who makes music influenced by animals, birds, the outdoors, and his voluntary conservation work he gets involved with, such as otter surveying and looking after rescued bats.

All proceeds from sales of PowderedCows music go to various animal conservation charities. PowderedCows last album ‘attack of pipastrelles’ raised money for the UK’s Bat Conservation Trust.

Martin has recently started getting musicians he knows and is a fan of to submit tracks of them playing acoustic (just guitar and vocals) and then he has been adding his sound and instruments over the top. Martin will then put all the tracks onto a CD to raise money for conservation and awareness of the critically endangered three toed sloth.

“This is our last chance to save the pygmy three toed sloth – it’s like a living version of the sad story of the dodo, but, now we have a chance to do something to stop it becoming extinct, and we must take this chance now before it’s too late” [Martin Roberts]

Martin already has various musicians from the UK and USA (such as Jason Lytle from the band ‘Grandaddy’) submitting music for this album, and awaiting to hear back from more musicians, media, and like minded people..

This album is not going to be on any label, and all proceeds will go to help The Tree Foundation fund sloth expert Bryson Voirin help save the pygmy three toed sloth. Bryson works closely with The Tree Foundation who work hard on conservation projects such as helping this sloth species.

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Thanks very much for your time and consideration

Martin Roberts (of the band PowderedCows