Conservation of our planet’s botanical resources and ecosystems


Young girls dedicated to helping TREE’s sloth research program

These young girls have raised over $300 within their “Save the Sloths” group at school. They plan to continue to learn about sloths, educate others, and raise money to support sloth conservation.

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TREE Foundation’s first-ever intern studies arboreal mammals

Want to know what the TREE Foundation’s first-ever Intern is up to (literally)?
Here are some images of Bryson Voirin, who studies sleep and ecology of arboreal mammals. Way back when he was a college freshman, Meg Lowman taught Bryson how to climb a tree. Now he is

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9-yr-old raises money for sloth conservation at birthday party

Instead of receiving presents for his birthday, 9-yr-old Harry requested donations in order to help his favorite animals, the sloths. Way to go, Harry!!!

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3rd International Sloth Day – October, 19th 2013

International Sloth Day was created by Foundation AIUNAU who proposed this international day at the First International Meeting about the Wellbeing, Rehabilitation and Conservation of Sloths, held in Medellin, Colombia, in November of 2010.
It was created as it was necessary to bring the world of sloths and

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Attempt to export nearly-extinct pygmy sloths sets off international incident in Panama

Last Monday (9 September 2013), the police officer on morning duty at Isla Colón International Airport, Panama noticed some foreigners loading crates with what appeared to be animals on a private jet. Finding this suspicious, he alerted his supervisor. Within minutes the local police chief, the

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Pygmy Sloth Export Incident Recap and Future Plans

Bryson Voirin

In the letter below, Bryson Voirin, a long-standing TREE Foundation research associate, gives an overview of the pygmy sloth export incident that occurred on September 9, 2013, and describes what the future plans may hold.
Dear Pygmy Sloth Enthusiasts,
I’d like to take a few moments and update everyone

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Pygmy Sloth T-Shirt Available – Proceeds Go to the TREE Foundation’s Sloth Fund

When you buy this tee, you wear it’s story & provide USD $5 USD10 to a special cause…
UPDATE for June 2012: The TREE Foundation is June’s cause of the month for The Tree Shirt House. Therefore for each tee-shirt sale, they double the initial donation of USD5

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Bryson Voirin’s blog in the NYT

Bryson Voirin, a long-standing TREE Foundation research associate who has devoted much of his research career to sloth ecology, now has a blog in the Scientists at Work section of the New York Times website.
Below are links to his first two entries. You can view all

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Calling All Sloth Lovers

The Pygmy three-toed sloth is on the list of one of the world’s most endangered animals TREE Foundation has supported the training of canopy students by Meg Lowman,
who in turn taught Bryson Voirin, who in turn has been a long-standing TREE research associate and devoted much of

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