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“Saving the Forest Canopies of Ethiopia” in Summer 2013 Newsletter of The International Canopy Network

Dr. Meg Lowman writes about saving the forest canopies of Ethiopia in “What’s Up?” The Newsletter of the International Canopy Network; Volume 19, Number 3, Summer 2013.
The International Canopy Network publishes its newsletter quarterly and features articles and content of interest to forest canopy researchers, educators, students,

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Update on Woji and Debresena church forests in Ethiopia

Woji church forest now has walls. In 2013, the local people worked with their priests to make a conservation wall around this forest. TREE Foundation made a donation to the church to thank them for their stewardship.
Alemayehu provides this update:
The last three days I was out for

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Colby College survey of church forests in northeastern Ethiopia

Church Forests of Ethiopia
The highlands of Northern Ethiopia have suffered from intense deforestation for decades (Wassie et al., 2010). What little indigenous forest remains persists in “church forests”: small forests encircling the thousands of Ethiopian Orthodox churches spread throughout the countryside. Church forests are sacred places for

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Update on Mosha church forest wall and expansion

Below is an update from Alemayehu on the Mosha church forest in Ethiopia:
Mosha is a 7 ha forest which was surrounded by degraded grazing land. For the last years the degradation level of the surrounding land has become more serious and the grazing effect has been intense

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Update on Woji church forest in Ethiopia

Below is an update from Alemayehu on the Woji church forest in Ethiopia:
After long discussion with the community finally the new boundary has been defined and agreed. As you may see in the picture the blue paint on the tree shows the new boundary mark of the

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Church Forest documentary film to be released 2014

Church Forest Preview from Greg Vander Veer on Vimeo.
Church Forest reveals a mystical world where priests and scientists struggle to come together, despite vastly different beliefs,  to save the last forests of Northern Ethiopia. Through stunning religious ceremonies, humorous moments with eccentric scientists, revealing macro-photography, and traditional

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Photos from Ethiopia by Lydia Ball

Lyndia Ball captured these stunning images while with Dr. Lowman in Ethiopia working to save the church forests.
CanopyMeg and TREE Foundation are working to conserve the Church Forests of Ethiopia. Find out more and how you can help.

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Big Forest Conservation Advances in Ethiopia – January 2013

Thanks to generous contributions from our global forest fans, TREE Foundation has leveraged our conservation programs in Ethiopia from 2 protected forests to nearly 25 forests where stone walls defining the perimeters are funded and under construction. The church leaders have expressed their appreciation, and also their

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“The Church in the Forest” in The Tablet (December 2010)

This article from the December 2010 issue of The Tablet is about the Ethiopian Church Forests:

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Alemayehu’s account of Meg’s trip to Ethiopia in January 2013

Dr. Alemayehu Wassie Eshete (Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia) writes:
Meg was here from Jan7-13/2012.
She arrived Monday Jan 7 and made an excursion on Lake Tana to show some preliminary cultural settings of Ethiopia to the three american students.
Jan 8 she had to show how to undertake

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