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REU Canopy Explorers Update

The team of Pam Dorwarth and Meg Lowman (who spear-headed original ADA efforts in Sarasota FL over many years) took to the trees in North Carolina, along with 8 undergraduates and over 100 citizens, of which quite a few were mobility limited. This was the culmination of

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New Species of Water Bear Discovered by NSF REU Canopy Explorers

A new species of water bear was discovered by our NSF REU team of mobility-limited students in the canopy – in a Kansas OAK tree! It illustrates how new discoveries can happen – even in our own back yards. Stay tuned for more details.

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Lake Tumba Project Update

TREE is happy to announce the successful purchase and conservation of this forest tract adjacent to Lake Tamba in the Congo, by our sister group Go Conscious Earth!
Godi Godar writes to tell us about these wonderful photos:
First photo: in nkoso village, met the chef and tribe people,

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REU student schedule – August 4-10

Below is the latest tardigrade workshop schedule for REU Canopy Explorers during August 4-10:

REU Student Schedule – August 4-10, 2013

MNS staff

Sunday 4 Aug 13

3:26 PM
Arrive in Raleigh, Check-in Clarion
Meg, Cindy

6:00 PM
dinner at 518

Monday 5 Aug 13

Science Communication Workshop
David Kroll, Brian Malow, Paige Brown
NRC 4th Floor classroom


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REU Canopy Explorer Testimonial – Rebecca Tripp

Rebecca Tripp’s testimonial, with photos, about choosing and participating in the REU Canopy summer research program:
Growing up on the rugged coast of Maine, with mountains, fields, forests and wildlife around every turn, I developed a deep love of nature at a very young age, and a strong

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Photos from Go Conscious Earth project

Some photos sent from Kinshasa who is working to preserve the rainforest in the Lac Tumba region of the Congo via the Go Conscious Earth project:

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Williams College student is excited about NSF REU summer program

Anna writes:
I’m a rising junior at Williams College, in Massachusetts, where I’m majoring in Math and Chemistry. I love studying plants and am fascinated by the symbiotic relationships between the flora and fauna that surround us. Through this summer experience, I look forward to

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Students learning the ropes for Baker summer research project

You do not need the use of your legs to be a field biologist. Join CanopyMeg‘s summer research undergraduates who will be studying the ecology of temperate forest canopies. From wheelchairs to ropes, up and away to study insect defoliation to leaves, micro-arthropods, and especially the secretive

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In the Canopy with Wheelchairs and Tardigrades

National Science Foundation Research Opportunity
3D Invertebrate Herbivory and Biodiversity in Deciduous North American Forest Canopies: Inspiring Students with Physical Disabilities to Pursue Field Biology
June 1 – August 11, 2013 | Baker University, Baldwin City, Kan.
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Want A Different Research Experience?
Want new skills, new challenges,

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Water Conservation in the Amazon – Amazon Amigos Program Providing Clean Water To Villages

Amazon villager

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Amazon Amigos and the Peruvian non-profit, CONAPAC, continue its partnership by bringing clean drinking water to the Amazon rainforest basin in Peru. Since 2008 when the first water plant was built, CONAPAC, with help from donors

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