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Ethiopian Priests putting on their new “I Love Bugs” T-shirt field guides

Video taken in January 2012 of Ethiopian priests putting on “I Love Bugs” t-shirts at a workshop of the Coptic (Christian Orthodox) priest leadership in Debra Tabor, Ethiopia.

Video by Phil K. Wittman

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Zhara Church Forest Wall Tour

Dr. “CanopyMeg” Lowman and Dr. Alemayehu Wassie Eshete guide us on a walk around the wall built at Zhara Church Rainforest in Ethiopia. The Zhara wall was possible thanks to efforts from scientists, donors, and the TREE Foundation.
This video contains excerpts from the documentary film “Church Forest”

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Art from the Trees

A TREE Foundation fan has submitted a wonderful video about the importance of urban trees — Enjoy this from Aida Gomz!

warum? from aïdagomz on Vimeo.

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Wall Protecting the Zhara Church Forest in Ethiopia [VIDEO]

A look at the new wall and latrines that have been build at Zhara Church Rainforest in Ethiopia. Thanks to efforts from scientists, donors, and the TREE Foundation.

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CHURCH FOREST – a documentary film about the Church Forests of Ethiopia

Go to to find out how you can help get this film made.
A portion of all money raised for this film will be used for stone walls around the forests, local labor, hygiene installations to insure that the church biodiversity has appropriate stewardship, gates, and a

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DC Randle, Research Associate tours the Amazon canopy!

DC Randle explores the Amazon Rainforest canopy and talks about what made him want to become a biologist, what he tells his students and what he likes best about the rainforest canopy.

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5th International Canopy Conference in the News and Video

Below are links to news stories about the 5th International Canopy Conference 2009:

Meet on forest canopy (Deccon Herald)
‘Rapid changes in ecology’ (Deccon Herald)
Calling attention to canopies (Times of India)
Himalayas are in danger (Bangalore Mirror)

Video provided by Dr. Phil Wittman of

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Out of control invasive reptiles [VIDEO]

Video segment from SNN about the problem with invasive reptiles locally, with footage from the recent Invasive Reptile Workshop organized by Dr. Lowman here in Sarasota.  TREE Foundation was a sponsor of the workshop and provided lunch for the scientists, educators, and students in attendance. Photos and

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Dr. Lowman on A Gulf Coast Journal – May 31st, 2007

In 2007, Dr. Lowman was featured on the May 31st episode of A Gulf Coast Journal on PBS.  Here is that segment:You can watch the full episode online here.  From Google Video:
Treetop Traveler: Most of her career has been up in the air–and with good reason. Meg

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Dr. Lowman and Ricardo in Earth Day ABC 7 News segment

ABC 7 News did a segment about Ricardo’s visit to Sarasota and the Earth Day festival in April 2008.  (Read more)

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