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Author Richard Louv visits the treetop walkway built by TREE Foundation at Myakka River State Park

Louv was in Florida to talk at the Sarasota Reading Festival about his book, Last Child in the Woods (Algonquin Press). Richard also participated in a panel with the authors of Its a Jungle Up There (Meg Lowman, Eddie Burgess, and James Burgess) and renowned children’s author

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Bromeliad Monitoring for 2005-2006

Pine View Weevil Watchers: Class of 2005-2006
The Pine View Weevil Watchers continue a scientific field study at Myakka River State Park that began in January 2001.
The class of 2005-2006 has collected and compiled data on the bromeliads growing at the Canopy Walk Way in Myakka River State

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David Katz Climbing 7

101 Urban Tree Climbs
From Ginkgo to Elm, from street-side to urban forest style, from 3 to 80′ tall, Eric Tartter and Dave Katz achieved their first urban tree climbing expedition: free climb more than 100 trees in one day!
Starting around 10am and climbing continuously until around 5PM,

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David Katz Climbing 6

Smith Woods Top Out!
Here’s a story from a recent ascent into the home-town forest!
The plan was to leave Ithaca at 8AM drive out to Trumansburg, climb up a fat Tulip and be back before we had to teach Tree Climbing at noon. 4 hours, lots of jugging,

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David Katz Climbing 5

First Ascents into the High Frontier of Costa Rica
¡Pura Vida!
A good time to write a note: nearing the end of the third month here in Tres Piedras, Costa Rica. This past month was quite exiting. This past week Mark, Keith and I taught a course in Tropical

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David Katz Climbing 4

Smith Woods: Part Four: Tyrolean Traverse!
The adventures into the high frontier continue on: For the fourth consecutive Sunday in a row, the tree climbing team ventured off into the Old Growth forest near Trumansburg, NY! Today we decided we would climb two neighboring trees in two separate

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David Katz Climbing 3

Old Growth Ascents: Take 3
The Sunday-Climbing-Team was in full-force today. Professional arborist Brendan Kelly joined Morgan Thompson, Eric Tartter and David Katz for a fun day in the canopy. We all cruised into the old-growth forest near Trumansburg, NY in search for good laughs, good scenery, and

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David Katz Climbing 2

Venturing into the High Frontier: Part 2
Last week’s adventures into the Big Boys with Eric Tartter and Morgan Thompson inspired a Sunday tradition of climbing into the canopy of Smith Woods.
This small parcel of Old-growth forest near Trumansburg, NY has numerous giant trees (Tulip Poplar, Eastern Hemlock,

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David Katz Climbing 1

Smith Woods Old Growth Forest First Ascent!
What a team: Thompson, Tartter, Katz, and a burly ol’ Tulip Poplar!
We climbed to ~ 110′ and had to use to ropes to rappel down. Lichens like I’ve never seen in the N.E. canopy, and great views: above the understory canopy

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Cornell Outdoor Education

Whether you are a rain forest canopy researcher, an arborist, or just a kid at heart, everyone loves to climb trees. Recall the excitement and sense of adventure when you first crawled into the branches to look inside a bird’s nest. Then you swung from limb to

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