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Amazon Rainforest Expedition: A Journal by Molly Welsh

Below is Molly Welsh’s account of her trip to the Amazon Rainforest with Dr. Lowman while conducting a herbivory study for her Independent Study Project at New College of Florida:
Amazon Rainforest Expedition: A Journal
Molly Welsh, New College of Florida
I traveled to the Amazon Rainforest with Dr. Meg

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ACTS Canopy Walkway and Bioluminescence photos by Dante Fenolio

Danté Fenolio was part of the science team for the latest expedition to the canopy walkway in the Amazon with the New College students. He has two recent blog posts that contain some great images taken during the trip.  His blog posts are here:

The ACTS Canopy Walkway

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Python Patrol Workshop on 4/26/2010 at New College of Florida

Would You Know What To Do With A Python?
Would You Know What Not To Do?

To date, several large Pythons have been reported in Sarasota County. We need your eyes to spot them so we can catch them before they spread further.
Python Patrol Workshop
Monday, April 26, 2010
Session 1:

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“Climate Change – a Visual World View of Global Warming” March 9 at New College

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Join New Topics New College for a visual tour of the places in the world most affected by climate change, from the poles to mountains and our cities, and some of the actions being taken to combat the warming, presented by Gary

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Wild sloth killed by small spectacled owl in Panama

Story on BBC News featuring Bryson Voirin, TREE’s student research associate:
Researchers in Panama have found the first evidence of a sloth that has been killed by an owl.
They found the body of a radio-collared three-toed sloth with lethal wounds that suggest it was hunted by a spectacled

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New College of Florida Students Create Brochure of Myakka Park Birds

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(February 4, 2010) Forest Hayes and Michael Dexter, both third year students at New College of Florida, won praise from the Friends of Myakka River Board members for creating the “Common Birds of Myakka River State Park” brochure. The brochure was originally created for New

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January 2010 Amazon Trip Student Logs

On January 20-28, 2010, students and families joined CanopyMeg for the Amazon Rainforest Workshop: The Ecology and Culture of the Amazon Jungle. Below are student logs from the trip.
Jessa Baker-Moss writes:
Our amazing trip to the Amazon taught me so many things. As a liberal arts student,

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Celebrating 10-years of the High Life at Myakka River State Park’s Canopy Walkway

From the Pelican Press’ “A Sarasota Minute”:
Its observation tower rises 75 feet above the floor of the surrounding live-oak hammock, looking almost other-worldly…like something straight out of James Cameron’s film Avatar. Its 85-foot long suspended walkway sways amid the treetops…much to the delight – and sometimes trepidation

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The Much-Maligned Sloth

Story on featuring Bryson Voirin, TREE’s student research associate:
After a long, lazy, food-filled weekend, we turn to the sloth. It’s an animal. It’s an insult. And the namesake of one of the seven deadly sins. Those of us who’ve watched any animal TV programs probably have

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Follow CanopyMeg as she attends COP15

From Dr. Margaret Lowman (aka CanopyMeg):
In less than a week, the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention opens in Copenhagen, Denmark. Abbreviated as UNFCCC or COP15 (which stands for Council of Parties, now in its 15th year), these meetings are highly anticipated by governments,

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