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FREE Lecture at USF on Stool Banking, Poop Transplants, and Human Microbiome

Come join us to learn about a different kind of bank. The world of stool banking, poop transplants, and the human microbiome.
WHAT: TREE Foundation’s Annual Fedder Environmental Lecture
TALK TITLE: A different kind of bank: the world of stool banking, poop transplants and the human microbiome
SPEAKERS: James Burgess

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Informal science education like museums can teach key concepts and fill gaps in STEM education

Excerpt from “Ecoliteracy in informal science education settings” in EcoLiteracy, pp. 474–475:
Specific metrics for the status of US science education indicate that the country is losing its competitive edge on a global scale; among nations, the US ranks 22nd in density of broadband internet penetration and 72nd

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New Ethopian Church Forest, Wonchet, Conserved

NEW CHURCH FOREST CONSERVED! The church forest called Wonchet, located outside of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia is almost entirely walled, thanks to donors of TREE Foundation. Here are some recent photos, including a blessing by the regional priest! Thank you to all of TREE’s forest conservation stewards!

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Global Canopy Science: Conferences, Publications, and Bottom-Up Action

Below is an excerpt from “What’s Up?”, the International Canopy Network Newsletter Vol. 20, No. 2-3, which contains an interview with Margaret Lowman about Treetops at Risk an anthology about canopy global science, which she co-edited with Soubadra Devy and T. Ganesh.

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How to Raise a Woman Scientist

“Well behaved women rarely make history.” — Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Although things have changed considerably for women in the world of science since the brave and bold Marie Curie began paving the way, there are still far too few women pursuing science careers, including my own field of

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TREE Foundation’s first-ever intern studies arboreal mammals

Want to know what the TREE Foundation’s first-ever Intern is up to (literally)?
Here are some images of Bryson Voirin, who studies sleep and ecology of arboreal mammals. Way back when he was a college freshman, Meg Lowman taught Bryson how to climb a tree. Now he is

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Donate to TREE Foundation via AmazonSmile

TREE Foundation

Some of you have asked if there are any other ways that you can help support the TREE Foundation. Now there is!
The Foundation is now a member of AmazonSmile, a charitable giving program from that will donate a portion of your purchases to a charity

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10 Things to Do in the AMAZON!

Untamed Science presents a video of the Top 10 Things to Do in the Amazon. Filmed on a recent trip to the Peruvian Amazon with Dr. “CanopyMeg” Lowman.

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Untamed Science – Why Leaves Change Color

CanopyMeg helps explain why leaves change color in this Untamed Science video:

Every fall in the deciduous forests of the world, there is a miraculous change in the color of the leaves. The turn from green into brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple. Sometimes you can

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Student researcher discovers new tardigrade species

Water Bear - Whole Body

Alex Young, a student at Lewis and Clark College, recalls his discovery of a new tardigrade species during his undergraduate research internship:
Suspended from a single branch, 60 feet up in a Red Oak, looking over the Wakarusa River, I knew I had chosen the right undergraduate research

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