Conservation of our planet’s botanical resources and ecosystems




Rebecca Tripp is a student who studied with Dr. Meg Lowman’s National Science Foundation grant for undergraduate students, where mobility-limited students were trained to climb trees and sample micro-arthropods. Rebecca was part of a summer team who discovered 8 new species in the trees of Kansas, and […]

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Conservation of the Ethiopian church forests: threats, opportunities and implications for their management


From the Science of The Total Environment, Volumes 551–552, 1 May 2016, Pages 404–414:
In the central and northern highlands of Ethiopia, native forest and forest biodiversity is almost confined to sacred groves associated with churches. Local communities rely on these ‘church forests’ for essential ecosystem services including […]

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Young TREE supporter illustrates her concern about losing trees at local park

Sara's Poster Description: I am climbing one tree left standing demanding they stop taking down the trees. There is a man using an excavator to try and take down the tree. The sun is demanding he stop. A magnifying glass is over a leaf is producing oxygen.

Sara has been a lover of trees since she was old enough to climb them. Now 8-yrs-old, she still loves to climb trees but has a greater understanding of their importance.
Sara’s father recently informed her that more than 200 trees were removed at a local park and that […]

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Why Are TREE’S BEZA Books Important?


Why Are TREE’S BEZA Books Important?
Article by Helen Gold
As you may be aware, TREE FOUNDATION is selling a book called ‘BEZA’. It’s a great story, about an Ethiopian girl who’s trying to save the forests and the biodiversity of northern Ethiopia in every way that she can. It’s an empowering book […]

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Meg Lowman Treetops Camp in July 2016


Tanglewood Nature Center in Elmira/Lowman NY hosted 16 middle school girls for the “Meg Lowman Treetops Camp in July 2016”. In partnership with Cornell University’s Tree Climbing Institute and CanopyMeg, the girls learned to access the canopy!

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Watch how this Solo drone is used during a tree climbing expedition in Madagascar


The Cornell Tree Climbing Institute took Solo on an expedition to Madagascar, where they use it as a tool to plan safer and accurate climbing routes, scout trees in thick forests and help officials survey otherwise inaccessible areas in a national park. Bottom line: propellers > machetes. […]

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Ethiopian conservation partner, Alemayehu Wassie, recognized for work in the church forests

Dr. Alemayehu Wassie poses for a photo in one of his beloved church forests

CONGRATULATIONS to our Ethiopian conservation partner, Dr. Alemayehu Wassie, for his feature in this African Geographic article!  TREE is very proud to partner with this wonderful Ethiopian scientist!
From Africa Geographic Magazine:
Dr. Alemayehu Wassie – Forest Ecologist, Ethiopia
Alemayehu Wassie works in northern Ethiopia where most of the area’s […]

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Young girls dedicated to helping TREE’s sloth research program

From left to right:
Emeline, Ellen, Lena, and Roxy

These young girls have raised over $300 within their “Save the Sloths” group at school. They plan to continue to learn about sloths, educate others, and raise money to support sloth conservation.

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Dr. Meg Lowman elected in ESA’s 2016 fellows program


Dr. Lowman has been recognized for her service as a member of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) and for promoting the science of ecology.
The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce its 2016 fellows. The Society’s fellows program recognizes the many ways in […]

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Why Walkways?

Canopy Walkway

Why Walkways?
Article by Helen Gold
Can Canopy Walkways Help To Get Your Kids in Touch With Nature?
Canopy walkways – also known as ‘treetop walks’ – are a dream come true for a nature lover. They provide unprecedented access to the kind of habitat which we are normally locked […]

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