Conservation of our planet’s botanical resources and ecosystems


Delegates for the Canopy Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan


Delegates for the Canopy Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan, to launch the official emergence of this discipline in this Pacific Rim country!

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Let Your Kids Get Muddy Once in a While


“To me, a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.”
–Helen Keller
As a child, I loved the natural world. Maybe it had something to do with growing up in a small town in upstate New York where the

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Dr. Lowman’s keynote talk at the Taiwan Canopy Symposium

Figure 3 (left). Canopy walkway with tree support in Amazonian Peru

Life in the Treetops – Exploration of the World’s Canopies
by Dr. “CanopyMeg” Lowman
Chief of Science and Sustainability, California Academy of Sciences, USA | |
Chinese version:
English version:
Our ancestors were tree dwellers. Throughout human history, people have taken to the trees as safe havens, sites of special

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New canopy walkway in Taiwan features a motorized ascent


The new canopy walkway in Shei-Pa National Park in Taiwan features a motorized ascent. WOW — a very elegant and easy ascent for all the VIP guests who came to celebrate this great canopy research site on the Pacific Rim!
Both fun and also a great canopy with

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9-yr-old raises money for sloth conservation at birthday party

Harry at his 9th birthday and his sloth drawing

Instead of receiving presents for his birthday, 9-yr-old Harry requested donations in order to help his favorite animals, the sloths. Way to go, Harry!!!

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A wheelchair doesn’t stop this scientist from soaring to the treetops


From Student Science’s Eureka Lab:
Rebecca Tripp speaks about her research with real passion, emotion that goes far beyond the fascinating organisms she studies. When she talks about her research with tardigrades, tiny, eight-legged creatures that she collected from the tops of trees, she doesn’t just talk about

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Local 6-yr-old Collects Donations for TREE Foundation at her Birthday Party

Sara loves to climb trees

Like many children her age, Sara enjoys playing outside, climbing trees and observing a variety of animals in nature. However, Sara has a special affection for insects. Together with her parents, she has learned about many of the insects she has observed. When she learned that insects

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Google Maps, Canopy Climber Save Dry Ethiopia’s Church Forests

Bloomberg Businessweek interview with Dr. Meg Lowman regarding the church forests in Ethiopia. Article written by Manuela Hoelterhoff in Bloomberg News:
Conservation biologist Margaret D. Lowman spends a lot of time balancing at the top of trees. To get there, she’s designed hot air balloons and travels the

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Overview of church forest project in Ethiopia

Dr. Alemayehu Wassie provides an overview of the church forest project in Ethiopia.

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Dr. Margaret D. Lowman named Distinguished Explorer Award recipient for 2014


Originally from Roy Chapman Andrews Society:

Distinguished Explorer Award Winner Announced
Dr. Margaret D. Lowman, nicknamed the “real-life Lorax” by National Geographic and “Einstein of the treetops” by Wall Street Journal, pioneered the science of canopy ecology. The Chief of Science & Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences,

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